Wedding Video Packages

Raw Package

PRICE: $2,249

  • 1 Shooter
  • 6-10 Hours of Coverage
  • HD Raw Footage Included

Elopement Package

PRICE: $2,499

  • 1 Shooter
  • Up to 4 hours of coverage
  • 3-5 minute highlight film
  • Music License
  • HD Raw Footage included

Recap Package

PRICE: $3,749

  • 1 Shooter
  • 6-10 Hours of Coverage
  • 5-7 Minute Recap Edit
  • Music License
  • HD Raw Footage Included

Love Story

PRICE: $5,499

  • 2 Shooters
  • 6-10 Hours of Coverage
  • 4-7 Minute Recap Edit
  • 30-60 Second Instagram Preview
  • Linear Ceremony, Toasts, & Dances
  • Music License
  • HD Raw Footage Included


What is the typical StopGoLove turnaround time?

We at StopGoLove build in a maximum of 4 months for delivery however, the maximum time delivered in 2019 was half of that time. Compare that to the average of 6 months from other videographers in New England!


Can we choose our own music?

YES! We want you to be as involved as you’d like to be. That being said, we usually pick the music for 95% of the weddings we shoot. We license our music meaning a.) your music won’t be taken down from the internet due to copyright infringement. Facebook and instagram have become wicked smaaht kid. b.) You’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting the best part of the music industry: the artist. c.) You’ll be obeying the law (whoo hoo!)


What the heck is a “Linear Edit?”

Ok so a linear edit can be any event which we’ll be capturing and editing from the beginning to the end. This could be your ceremony, first dance, a toast, ect. Essentially, instead of making a creative edit (cut to music and sliced together artistically) we’ll be editing the full length event the way it unfolded live. This means the ceremony edit will last the exact length that the ceremony lasted in real time. Some may consider this “traditional videography” which is often what parents and grandparents would like to see. See examples here!


Weddings are expensive AF. We get it. When we started StopGoLove our goal was to create one of the best wedding films possible. We quickly realized that their had to be a compromise between great photography and videography without breaking the bank.


Our goal is to give you as many options as possible. That’s why we created a bundle discount that allows you the most bang for your buck! Should you combine any photography and wedding video package, you’ll immediately receive a $250 discount applied to your package. Happy to help!


We’re also happy to offer a discount for couples looking to book a photo or video package with the StopGoSnap Photo Booth. Any photo booth rental paired with a package will receive unlimited, on-site prints. This is a $300 value people!


Order your photo, video, and photo booth needs through StopGoLove and you’ll be saving up to $550 total!!