StopGoLove Services: Films

The art of the moving picture has been around for a long time. Sight paired with sound has always been one of the most moving ways to capture moments in time. Technology has now made it possible to capture your own story in a very personal and intimate way. Ask how you can possess your very own “talkie” today!


StopGoLove Services: Photo

Everyone’s wedding is unique. Style, personality, and budget all play a huge influence when deciding what photographer best fits your needs. At StopGoLove we try to make it simple and straight to the point – you get what you want! We start with the basics and allow you to customize what you think is important.


StopGoLove Services: Photo Booth

So you love StopGoLove photography and crave more images of friends and family, eh? We’ve heard the requests and yes, StopGoLove is now offering our very own photo booth coming to a reception near you! StopGoSnap is our professional, open aired photo booth for party people with a sense of style.


StopGoLove Services: StopGoStream Live Streaming

Introducing StopGoStream, a live streaming service from the StopGoLove team. Streaming has become a very practical way for people to share their celebration with the ones they love, no matter where they may be, and we’re stoked to bring the very best in video quality and experience to the wedding world.