PHOTO: Kate & Anthony’s Vermont Cabin Wedding

PHOTO: Kate & Anthony’s Vermont Cabin Wedding

A few months ago we got a call from a couple looking for us to cover their Vermont Lodge wedding. It would be a two-day event filled with good vibes, snow, and the gorgeous Vermont landscape. Kate and Anthony wanted to keep it super intimate and relaxed, the only guests would be their parents. We were immediately sold on the idea. When we pulled up to the Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury we knew that this wedding was going to be exactly how we had envisioned it from the start (minus a few inches of snow.)

 That evening we were treated to the most wonderful conversation, amazing food, and strong spirits. We shared whiskey by the campfire and learned that Kate was an (almost) famous baker. As the fire died down and we retreated back inside, Kate busted out her baking skills and made one of the most beautiful wedding cakes we’ve seen.  Here’s to what would become one of the best weekends ever.