Gear: Initial Thoughts on the Fuji X-Pro2

Gear: Initial Thoughts on the Fuji X-Pro2

So here we are. Almost 4 years after the release of the X-Pro1, its successor is finally here, the X-Pro2. This isn’t going to be an in-depth, pixel peeping review but more of a “hey, I just got this camera, this is I feel about it” piece.

I have always shot Canon. They are reliable, fast, easy to use, and produce a pretty decent image. For years, my Mark II was my workhorse camera however, I found that when I wasn’t shooting weddings I never wanted to lug my 5D around. Its not that I was lazy, more so that it was big and bulky and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I needed something smaller that had decent image quality and was cool looking. Thats when I found the X100. I found myself shooting more and being excited about taking photos again. I was in love. I found that the Canon system was lacking the fun, less intrusive style of the Fuji. I upgraded to the X-Pro1 and used it as my weekend camera and as a back up for weddings.

That was a few years ago, and today is a new day. When the X Pro2 was released I ran to my local camera store, threw down my hard earned money, and ran home like a kid leaving the candy store. I opened the box, popped on my Fujinon 35mm and snapped a few quick shots. An hour later my 5D Mark II was up for sale. The X-Pro2 is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor. It’s solid build quality, weather sealed body, amazing ISO performance, faster and smarter AF, new processor, and of course the beautiful 24mp X-Trans sensor makes the X-Pro2 one of the most amazing cameras I’ve ever used. It’s only real downfall in my opinion, is it’s lack of a dedicated flash system. I can use my Canon speed lights but they’re big and look silly on the tiny rangefinder body. This brings up another potential flaw, the power of perception. When a bride and groom pay thousands to have you shoot, you don’t want them thinking that you use the same camera that their dad just picked up for vacation.

All this being said, I’m super excited about shooting weddings with this camera. As the season rolls on, I’ll probably follow up with a part two of this blog as I’ll have a much better feel of it’s strengths and weaknesses. I should also probably mention that I’ll be shooting with a 5DMKIII as well so there will be comparable images. I’m curious about how well this camera will actually perform in a wedding environment next to the mark III.

Check out some sample images below!



Finally weather sealing has made it to the X-Pro2


New addition to the XP2, the “joy stick” Selecting AF points and scrolling through menus is so much easier


New Shutter dial with built in ISO selector. Also, the exposure comp dial goes to +/- 3 EV and when set to “C” allows up to +/- 5 stops


Self portrait test. SOOC iso 200 35mm f/2 @ 1/320 sec


Photo of my Mom on her birthday. SOOC. iso 3200. 23mm f/1.4 @ 1/60 sec

So far I’m very impressed with what this camera is capable of. The way it handles high iso is amazing. When shooting at 3200-12500 I get what looks more like smooth film grain then a red and green dust all over the place.

If you haven’t shot with one of these cameras before I’d give it a shot. I’ll be posting more about the camera as the wedding season begins. Keep checking back!

Frank Boucher